About Us


Creativity and the emotional impact of Italian design, essential lines and harmonious dimensions, distinguish the yachts of RAPHAEL srl which was founded in 2010.
Specialising in the construction of the "double action surface" keel, specifically designed for low power consumption and maximum speeds of up to 20 knots when required.

In a world dominated by technology, with a pace of life that is becoming more and more frenetic,
we need something to remind us of what life is all about.

Something that will allow us to cultivate friendships and the individuality of every person.

We need something that will give us back our time.

Time to reflect. Time to read.

 Time to travel.

Or simply time to admire the landscape or a child, time for beauty, time for feelings.


Registered Office

Via Morozzo della Rocca 3, 20123 MILANO - P.IVa 06910220968

Sales Offices

Via Mameli 29, 15033 CASALE MONFERRATO